IBC Prototyping Capability Enhanced

From screen to steel

Brookeson has enhanced its ability to provide material handling solutions for clients by adding Solidworks 3D CAD  software to it existing suite of design tools.

The software is particularly useful in supporting the company’s global client base because we can create proofs of concept and initial design specifications based on remote conversations with customers.

This allows us to deal with all sorts of situations as Managing Director Ian Brookes explains:

“If a customer is replacing an obsolete or damaged IBC, for instance, then design drawings or accurate dimensions may not be available.

We have been able to recreate and improve vessel design based on photographs and some simple measurements.”

If a physical prototype is needed to test new fittings or assess integration with other equipment then design drawings can be passed directly to our CNC machine centres to be manufactured on the spot.

Our prototyping capability can be applied to all of our stainless steel IBC products and our stainless steel structures.

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